Lovely Planet 2 Launches Today With Adorable Destruction

Lovely Planet 2 is about to bring cute carnage to PC screens. The sequel t the acclaimed indie FPS Lovely Planet is out now today on Steam, for PC.

Developed by Indian indie Quicktequila and published by Tinybuild, Lovely Planet 2 is the sort of FPS shooter that rails against your expectations. Set in a placid world that is more Katamari than Doom, the original Lovely Planet set players against the clock ina speed run through a range of preset stages. Dashing through a seemingly serene environment, players had to avoid getting hit or touching an enemy while they wrestled with a slow fire weapon of their own. The level of difficulty and speed runs made the game just as unusual as it’s art style.

Now, Lovely Planet 2 looks to iterate on that idea. Bringing players back to the same cute aesthetic, Quicktequilla has added a whole set of challenges for returning, or new, players. Over one hundred levels of action await players, spread over five unique worlds. Each of these come packed with a range of brand new traps and enemies just waiting for a single hit. The game is also accompanied by a brand new soundtrack by Calum Brown.

Just to ensure that these many new levels don’t get too boring, a new game mode should provide replay value, ensuring that the rage just keeps on going. With a ton of extra content and the same high-speed frustration, Lovely Planet 2 seems set on improving upon the same things that captured gamers the first time around. You can find out more about the game on the official Steam Store page and check out the trailer above.

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