LoverWatch – The Official (But Not Canon) Overwatch 2 Dating Sim

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has presented Loverwatch, the official but not canon dating sim featuring the characters from hit team-shooter Overwatch 2. Between February 14th and 28th, try to win the heart of Mercy or Genji following the advice of the dating guru Hanzo… or ignoring him outright.

The whole experience takes about 30 minutes to play through and will awaird you with an earnable in-game highlight for Hanzo. What are you waiting for? Feel the love and earn your in-game rewards with Loverwatch: Love Never Dies.

While you are set on getting more in-game goodies, don’t forget about the Twitch drops! Participating regions include North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. This set is split into three waves:

  • Wave 1 drops: February 7 to February 21 – earn the Seven of Spades spray when you watch 2 hours of OW2 content on Twitch. Watch for 4 more hours (6 total) to earn the Socialite Legendary Skin for Ashe;
  • Wave 2 drops: February 28 to March 14 – When you watch 2 hours of OW2 content, you’ll earn the Poster spray for Reinhardt. Then watch for 4 more hours to receive the Crusader Helm weapon charm;
  • Wave 3 drops: March 21 to April 4 – Watch 2 hours to earn the Commando Spray for Reaper, and watch for another 4 hours to unlock the Blackwatch Logo weapon charm.

Previously the developers have also shared the Season 2 retrospective and how it affected Season 3.

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