LucidSound LS1 and LS10 Sounding Out E3

Lucidsound LS10

While we get all worked up over the latest Nintendo announcements it is easy to forget that E3 was once all about electronic hardware. Lucidsound is ready to bridge that gaming gap as they unveil the brand new LS1 and LS10 headsets.

LucidSound is a Californian company of industry veterans who have managed to impress us more than once, with a range of audio products that don’t just work well while pwning Noobmaster69. Headsets like the LS25 and LS41 are great examples of the function style and audio quality that Lucidsound pair together. Now, the audiophiles at Lucidsound have crafted two new entries that are specifically suited to gaming.


Lucidsound LS1

The LS1 is a chat focused headset compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms. It features a wired connection and a single 50mm driver. Alongside the usually large 50mm driver, the chat headset also includes an open back design, easy to reach over the ear controls, and a comfortable design. The plush earcup, light-weight frame, and over-ear design should make it easy to get along with during long sessions.



Likewise, the LS10 looks like a premium piece of kit with the same over the ear approach and plush earcups. The LS10, however, is a stereo design that combines a pair of custom-tuned neodymium magnets with 50mm drivers in both ears. The design adds to the LS1 design with dual mics, the same intuitive controls, and compatibility with Windows sonic or Dobly Atmos Surround systems. You can even customize the LS 10 with magnetic speaker plates.

Both headsets are clearly an attempt to take a classic idea and produce something special. The LS1 starts at $24.99 while the LS10 comes in at $59.99. Both will be on show at E3 and we might even get a look at them for you. Until then you can keep up to date with Lucidsound on their official website.

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