Lumione is Out Now On PC And Switch

Lumione, a gorgeous underwater platformer from Perfect World, is aiming to make a splash on PC and console today.

Brought to life by a group of young graduates and published y Perfect World, Lumione is a brand new sub-aqua adventure that delves deep and keeps players guessing as they wade out into an adventure. This gorgeous 2D platformer is out now on PC, via Steam, and Nintendo Switch, and follows the fate of a young hero called Glimmer. While the deep dark trenches might seem imposing, this dreamer hopes for the former beauty of his hometown, and sets off to do just that. What follows is 170 levels of variety, color, and creative challenge as you overcome a variety of obstacles to break the dark spell cast over the ocean floor.

The news of this release comes hot on the heels of Lumione’s appearance in the Steam Next fest last month, and now allows payers more time with Glimmer for $11.99 on Steam and a drop more at $12.99 on Nintendo Switch. If you do pick up Lumione, with a 10% launch discount, then you’ll put your wit to the test in solving challenging puzzle-like levels. You’ll guide this deep-sea fairy across levels using a range of mechanics, such as Neon Line, Pinball, Jetpack, and even more to traverse the landscape.

With a beautifully animated world and a lovingly detailed soundtrack to boot, Lumione is worth a look for fans of Shu, Ori, and the like. If you’d like a closer glimpse of Lumione, then check out the official trailer above or head over to the eShop and Steam Store pages to dive right in.

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