MachiaVillain Has The Plague In new Update


MachiaVillian, the evil mansion management sim from indie Wild Factor, just got a new plague ridden update.

MachiaVillian developer Wild Factor ahs just dropped an update to this unique management simulator today and it’s got something of a topical theme to it. The haunted house, full of evil monsters and soulless ghouls is set to give players something of a break during the current lockdown. The new update to MachiaVillain provides players with their very own survival kit. This includes toilet paper for the hordes of zombies, not those in the supermarket, a medical mask, and hand sanitizer. The update comes free of charge and comes with some charitable news. While this should provide plenty of protection, keep an eye out for the food. Players can now come down with food poisoning too.

Covid Donations

Wild Factor is using the update to announce that they will donate their May 2020 profits toward the effort to fight COVID-19. This joins a number of other COIVD relief efforts and some serious profit numbers form some big players during this COVID quarantine.

For any of you that missed MachiaVillain on its initial release, this horror management sim puts players in charge or a gruesome hotel. Gamers can build a scary spa or blighted bedroom full of B movie tropes. A range of macabre missions are available as players build the haunted mansion of their dreams. While MachiaVillian strives to be a kitsch carnivore, there’s more to it than scares. Gamers must trap unsuspecting victims to feed the undead and use leftover dismembered body parts and other environmental resources to craft new items and keep the manor safe from supernatural creatures and wily monster hunters. It’s not quite Two Point but there are probably just as many bodily fluids.

So stock up on your toilet roll and prepare to take a very different type of break, find out more about MachiaVillian over on the official Steam Store page now.


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