Mad Catz Release A New R.A.T.

Mad Catz mouse

If you’re a PC gamer then you will probably remember the R.A.T. mouse. A cross between a PC peripheral and a space-age dropship, this is one of the more outlandish looking peripheral lines in gaming. Now Mad Catz is about to cause mischief with a group of new R.A.T.s.

Well known for their unique design philosophy, compared to some of our other mice reviews, and unusual gaming peripherals, Mad Catz has always forged their own path, with varied success. After a brush with bankruptcy, this newly resurgent brand is back with a range of updates, cutting-edge tech, and a host of upgrades that look likely to live up to the very best of the Mad Catz legacy. A total of five new designs are about to make their way onto your desks and, yes, there is plenty of RGB for everyone. We’ve attached the accompanying trailer and a detailed product list for your perusal.


  • R.A.T.4+™ Featuring industry-leading OMRON switches with a lifecycle of 20 million clicks, the R.A.T.4+ has been designed to deliver flawless precision. Powerful LEDs provide multi-zone backlighting and the Pixart PMW 3330 optical sensor provides trusted performance that gamers can rely on.
  • R.A.T.6+™ Extending the customization options, the R.A.T.6+ features nine programmable buttons and an adjustable palm rest, in addition to a removable weight system that allows gamers to find the ideal weight for their personal preference. Chameleon RGB Intelligent Lighting illuminates the mouse across three separate zones, bathing the R.A.T. with over 16 million lighting combinations, while luxury OMRON switches have been tested to up to 50 million clicks for superior performance.
  • R.A.T.8+™ Designed for the professional gamer, the state-of-the-art Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor delivers unrivaled precision for any gaming genre. Fully customizable, the R.A.T.8+ features an adjustable palm rest and thumb rest, as well as removable pinkie grip. 18G of removable weights enable gamers to perfect the feel of their R.A.T., while the three stage Chameleon RGB lighting keeps the mouse looking as good as it performs. Onboard memory allows gamers to save up to three profiles, allowing for personalized macro button, sensor and lighting settings when traveling to tournaments.
  • R.A.T. Pro S3™ Lightweight, ergonomic and unmistakably R.A.T., the PRO S3 concentrates on delivering the essentials professional gamers demand. The powerful Pixart PMW 3330 sensor delivers proven gaming performance, while ultra-reliable OMRON switches have been tested to an impressive 50 million clicks. The palm rest is fully adjustable, tilting plus or minus 15 degrees, side-to-side and extending up to 12mm from the mainframe. The PRO S3 also features Chameleon RGB lighting for stunning visual effects during gaming sessions.

Shipping to first to Germany, Austria, and France these mice will migrate into the rest of Europe and North America shortly afterward. While we don’t have a release date or final pricing yet, you can keep an eye out for the unmistakable sight of a new Mad Catz mouse over at the official website.

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