Mad Catz Sets The R.A.T. Air Free

Mad Catz R.A.T. Air

Mad Catz has come a long way since its relatively recent return to the market. Now the peripheral manufacturer is letting loose with the brand new R.A.T. Air wireless mouse for European markets.

Shipping now, across selected European territories, Mad Catz’s new wireless mouse is the obvious evolution of their R.A.T. line. Aimed at both the competitive and casual gamer, the R.A.T. Air brings together a range of innovation and experience that benefits both markets. The solid foundation of devices like the R.A.T. 8+ meets uncompromising wireless gameplay with this release.

Beneath The R.A.T.

Under the hood, the R.A.T. Air features cutting edge capacitor technology no batteries, and top-end switches. In order to ditch the battery and pull up at an impressive 100g, the newest Mad Catz mouse comes boxed with its very own activation board. This new component plugs any battle rig via USB and provides a constant stream of wireless power to the new R.A.T. While it may look like a high tech mouse mat all decorated in dazzling RGB, the activation board provides enough energy to work consistently during lift-off play. The quote from Mad Catz reflects this collision of concepts.

“Mad Catz has always been at the forefront of innovation with our gaming hardware and as the newest addition, the R.A.T. Air is no different. We’ve long understood gamers’ need for the freedom that wireless play offers but understand their need for complete reliability when playing at a competitive level.” said Joane Huang, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Mad Catz Global Limited. “Every aspect of the R.A.T. Air has been designed with the single purpose of improving performance for gamers everywhere, using the very latest in engineering innovation. We’re looking forward to sharing the R.A.T. Air with gamers later this year.”

The R.A.T. Air might bring in some brand new innovations but the mouse is still distinctly a Mad Catz design. OMRON switches translate clicks to actions on the screen while a 12000 DPI optical sensor should provide fantastic accuracy. The precision aim button makes a return, allowing gamers to slow down the action and bring their scope to bear, and the device is fully customizable.

The Mad Catz F.L.U.X. software provides an exhausting range of options for gamers looking to get things just right. 9 programmable buttons, mouse lighting, dpi settings, and lift-off height are some of the software options available. On the outside, an adjustable palm rest comes with three different length settings to suit gamers’ hand and there is even the option to tie down the device with a wired connection.

We got a glimpse of the R.A.T. Air lurking around Gamescom 2019 and while we were busy with the upcoming controller range, this could prove to be the ultimate addition to the peripheral manufacturer’s keyboards. If you are interested in the R.A.T. Air, keep an eye out while we set some traps or you can find out more on the official website.


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