Mad Devils Is Gunning For Release With A New Trailer

Mad Devils Is gunning for its upcoming release, with a brand new look at the bowels of hell in the latest trailer.

Just dropped, the latest look at Mad Devils, ahead of its May release, is a run through the depths of hell and a glimpse of what to expect when this twin stick co-op finally lands on PC. Due to hit Steam, this tale of demon spawn and heroic underdogs is the work of indie team Itzy Interactive and is something of a 90’s era inspired WW2 shooter with a supernatural angle. While most WW2 action adventures would find you strapping on a gun and storming some beaches, this particular campaign is set against a very different landscape.

In control of demolitionists, snipers, and commanders players will need to stop the maniacal Major Strauss and foil his plans to summon an army of demons. The newest look at this quest plays through a range of the environments that you’ll find in mad Devils, with open hellscapes and fiery dungeons being the most obvious two entrants in this scenery. Much of the visual aesthetic can be tied back to the work of David Murdoch, with plenty of Twisted Metal 2 nods.

Shooting Up The Underworld

Beyond the dangerous terrain and character work, the new teaser shows off the run and gun gameplay that Mad Devils revels in. Whichever soldier come hellspawn you chose to use in your campaign to save the world from a supernatural Nazi army, Mad Devils provide a range of weaponry with plenty of unique secondary abilities on offer to customize your loadout and blow your way through any opposition.

With six different characters to chose from, plenty of those upgradeable demonic powers, and a narrative penned by UK author, Dr Greg Buchanan Mad Devils is looking for recruits for a very different mission when it arrives in Q2 2021 on PC. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S soldiers will need to wait a little longer, but can also check out the teaser trailer above or find out more over on the official Steam Store page.

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