Maelstrom – Naval Battle Royale Early Access Release Trailer

Gunpowder Games’ tactical ship-vs-ship-vs-monster naval Battle Royale title Maelstrom has entered Steam Early Access. To celebrate the occasion, the team has released a special video you can find above.

“Maelstrom is focused, well-built, and in an early beta state. We now crave feedback and perspective from players on all aspects of the game especially balance, gameplay, and pacing so we can tighten and polish it. We’ll be communicating a lot with our community, especially at this stage of development where game elements are still malleable.”

Early Access players can look forward to nine unique ships to choose from, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses and a special passive ability. Additionally, the game offers captains from all three races with signature moves and crew members offering special bonuses. There are two battlegrounds with a variety of features as well.

Check out the game’s roadmap to see what the dev team has in store for future.

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