Magic Legends – Designing the Beastcaller Dev Diary

Magic Legends - Designing the Beastcaller Dev Diary

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have presented the dev diary detailing the creation of Beastcaller in the upcoming MMOARPG Magic Legends. The idea behind the character is the primal might of nature associated with green mana and the beasts it can bring to life. Beastcaller draws inspiration from two famous planeswalkers – Garruk Windspeaker and Nissa Revane.

Whereas the Geomancer is a durable powerhouse and the Mind Mage is a mastermind of control, the Beastcaller works in tandem with the summoned creatures they’ve augmented to charge directly into the thick of melee combat alongside the ever-present Aether Fox companion.

During solo play, the Beastcaller summons their creatures and makes them more efficient with tactical buffs. When not summoning or buffing, the Beastcaller cleaves away at their foes with powerful axe swipes and decimates enemies with damaging sorceries that leverage the strength of their current summons. In a group dynamic, they can provide some healing to their teammates while still dealing significant damage to their foes.

Check out Magic: Legends Beastcaller gameplay video from IGN:

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