Magic: Legends – Developers Address Difficulty & Complexity

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released a new video and a blog post dedicated to the difficulty and complexity of the upcoming aRPG Magic: Legends. The team reveals that the game was designed in such a way that players will be able to choose their path and make their journey as challenging or as straightforward as they’d like.

Starting with the “Hard” difficulty and harder, each in-game region and their corresponding overworld and mission maps can have Regional Enchantment. They modify combat in that region in various ways, and the active enchantment(s) rotate every few weeks. For example: Burning covers enemies in that region in mystical flames, dealing damage over time to you and your nearby allies. Check out the blog post to see the full list of Regional Enchantments that will be in rotation in Open Beta.

Additionally, players will have to deal with World Enchantments that add powerful, world-altering effects that can add further depths to the gameplay. They are consumable, single-use items that attach to story and ordeal mission maps. You can craft these Enchantments with earned materials gathered through gameplay or purchase them at the Broker, an auction-house style system that the developers will discuss soon.

These effects stack with difficulty level and Regional Enchantment selections, resulting in a series of augmentations that up the ante for plenty of challenge. Use the link above to find the list of the Enchantments that will be in rotation beginning with Open Beta.

Increasing the difficulty and complexity of the game will in turn result in reward bonuses to make doing so worthwhile. The benefits of increasing difficulty and applying enchantments include: a higher quantity of drops such as Spell Pages and Relic Fragments, Equipment rewards with more effective Mods, and more significant XP gains.

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