Maid of Sker Serves Up Horror 28 July

maid of sker

Maid of Sker, the upcoming horror experience from Wales Interactive, is set to serve up some scares on PC 28 July.

Maid of Sker, the rather intense looking horror from the same team that put together Don’t Knock Twice and the Bunker, is set to invite players into a twisted tales and it is coming on 28 July. The survival horror just got a release date which will bring maid of Sker to PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 at the end of this month. Gamers can pick up the title digitally across both PC and Consoles, as well as boxed editions for current generation consoles.

Maid of Sker is something of an old school horror experience, taking on traditional folktales and the haunting landscapes of the Welsh countryside to put the frighteners up players. Laning heavily on tales by Elisabeth Williams, Maid of Sker takes players back to 1898 and the eerie halls of the Sker Hotel. Torture, slavery, piracy, and a supernatural presence \re all guests in this establishment. Unfortunately escaping the malevolence of the Skr Hotel isn’t going to be easy. Armed with just a defensive sound-device, players will have to keep eyes open and stay alert through the waking nightmare in order to solve the supernatural mystery that hangs over the Sker Hotel.

Chilling visuals from Wales Interactive should look great in 4K on PC and come accompanied by a 3D sound system to keep players on their toes and hopefully survive a night in Sker. If you want out find out more about an utterly horrific sounding vacation destination, check out the official website for Maid of Sker before it drops on 28 July.

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