Main Assembly Rolls Into Production And Launches Today

Bad Yolk and Team17 have added the last lick of paint to Main Assembly as this sandbox construction sim launches today.

Available now across PC, via Steam, this free from experience rolls off the production line today as it gears up for a full launch. After arriving in Early Access back in June 2020, this build your own adventure has added a ton of fixes, features, and tools to allow players the option of constructing a vast array of terrifying and strange contraptions.

Anybody picking up Main Assembly will find themselves adrift in an open environment with plenty of tools to hand. With land sea and space to conquer, you’ll wield a deep and powerful visual programming language to construct wild environments and ingenious bots to overcome the challenges that await. The limits are almost boundless, but if the thought of creating your own obstacle course is a bit daunting then there are tons of challenges on offer. You’ll be able to work individually to collect 156 stars in 24 single-player challenges or compete against each other in online multiplayer activities. A brand new Bot brawl even arrived through Early Access, meaning that you can just kick off your very own robot wars if you like. If the whole thing seems a bit much straight off the bat, then Main Assembly allows you to share inventions over Steam Workshop, and enjoy the fruits of somebody else’s killer robot.

The launch of Main Assembly also includes a final pre flight update. Called ‘The Final Frontier’, this content introduces players to zero gravity, with a new sandbox map that includes a space station, a new space-based challenge level, the ability to add rocket engines and lasers to creations, and cosmetics so the in-game drone can cosplay as an astronaut. If you loved games like Robocraft and Autonauts, then Main Assembly is out now on PC. Find out more on the official Steam Store page now.

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