MAINGEAR Opens AMD Ryzen Threadripper Systems for Pre-order

MAINGEAR Ryzen Threadripper

MAINGEAR announced today that presales are officially open for its AMD Ryzen Threadripper based systems. In true MAINGEAR fashion, these systems are available in an incredible array of customizations, beginning as low as $2099 and to well over five thousand dollars for those who want the best of the best. These systems are expected to offer powerful performance with AMD’s latest multi-core powerhouse. MAINGEAR Ryzen Threadripper

Three basic system configurations are available. The Vybe is the cheapest of the three, beginning at $2099. The next step up is the impressive R1, a Razer-themed desktop featuring the iconic black and green aesthetic starting at $2249. Last is “The Rush,” the most powerful base configuration. The Rush comes in a bright red chassis with a tempered glass side panel.

The release of AMD’s Threadripper is widely regarded as one of the most exciting CPU releases in years. The 1920X features 12 cores and 24 threads and operates in a range of 3.5 to 4.0GHz. The 1950X features a whopping 16 cores and 32 threads with a frequency range of 3.4 to 4.0GHz. Both processors feature 64 PCIe lanes and are unlocked for overclocking.

Find out more information at the MAINGEAR website.

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