Latest Update to Man O’ War: Corsair Brings in Custom Battles Mode

Man O' War: Corsair Review

Evil Twin Artworks today released the latest update for Man O’ War: Corsair. The game is an Early Access title that features naval battles around Warhammer oceans. It is up to players to become pirates or trade their way to the world’s reaches. Players can also hire Wizards, command and battle different familiar races and much more.

Latest Update Adds Custom Battles to Man O’ War: Corsair

The team has been hard at work on the major update that today saw the light of the day. It also really opens up the world, accoriding to the devs. Custom battles allow players to choose location, fleet and enemy and fight away.

Additionally, the update brings in many desired features. Among them players can find updated UI, new achievements, rebalances and fixes and much, MUCH more. You can find the full list on the official site.

We’re really excited about our new update,” said James Carroll, Director at Evil Twin Artworks. “We have been working hard throughout Man O’ War: Corsair’s development to get everything we promised into the game, as well as build as many of the features the community has asked for as we can. One of the features we have had planned from the beginning is finally here! In Custom Battles you can pick any fleet you want, choose the enemy of your choice and battle!

You can find out more about the game on its official Steam portal page.

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