Manastrike Mobile Registration Open Now

Manastrike is ready to pounce, as Netmarbles new mobile RTS opens pre-registration to gamers today.

Netmarble, the massive mobile team behind games like Lineage 2 Revolutions, is gearing up to release a brand new title on the mobile hordes and it might not be exactly what you expect. Building on the hype surrounding the first images of Magic: legends, Manastrike is a mobile-first Real Time Strategy based in the Magic: The Gathering universe. Just like its desktop counterpart, Magic: Manastrike will bring the classic Wizards of the Coast franchise to life when it arrives on iOS and Android devices globally.

A Different Dimension

Courageous players who log in will find themselves drawn into a parallel universe by a series villain, Nicol Bolas. Consorting with Bolas, players will wield a range of Planeswalkers trapped in this world, uncovering the weaknesses of their opponents all to aid the game’s antagonist. While players might not be the hero of this story, they still get to play with some pretty cool spells.

Manastrike recreates the magic experience in a new way, providing simple, tactical, and strategic gameplay. Players can collect cards that tie into magic’s deep lore and play these in a range of ways to enhance their own units. We already know this is going to be necessary, as PvP has been confirmed for this new battle. You can check out more about the development in the dev blog above and get a glimpse at the game’s graphics. If Manastrike grabs your staff then registrations are open on the Manastrike website. You can also find it on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Anybody who signs up on the website before the game goes live will receive a suite of in-game prizes once the game launches and they complete the tutorial. These include Gold (in-game currency), Gems (premium currency), one Player Icon, and five emoji themed after Magic: The Gathering’s iconic Planeswalkers.


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