Mantis Burn Racing Speeds Into Battle Cars DLC Pack


Mantis Burn Racing has expanded today with the arrival of the Battle Cars pack. The new content brings a whole new angle to the PS4, XBox One and PC game.

Mantis Burn Racing – Battle Cars

So what can you look forward to in Battle Cars. As the name implies, you’ll be able to take control of any one of three new combat vehicles. Each has an armored body as well as both front and rear-facing weapons. All the better to take out the enemy, right?

In addition, during 4-player local multiplayer or online, you can literally blow the competition away. Developers have also created three new battle modes that put these new explosive abilities to the best light. King of the Track, Survival and Accumulator Rumble will challenge you and your opponents.

If you’re more of a solo player, worry not. You’ll be able to play through the “Battle” career campaign with over two dozen events along with six specific achievements.

The new content pack is available for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. You really can’t beat all this content for a measly $2.50, can you?

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