Maplestory Joins Army With MapleStory X BTS Event

MapleStory, the massive MMORPG, from Nexon is about to join Army as the BTS boys announce a MapleStory X BTS event.

With a gallery of pop idols already taking to the internet for in game performances, it was only a matter of time before BTS and their fans descended into the world of the MMMORPG. Now Army has something to shout about with a new announcement from Nexon.

MapleStory and MapleStory M players are due to experience a crossover between the global record-breaking pop superstars and the classic MapleStory adventure. Nexon has not updated any in game detail on the brand new adventure but fans of these seven Korean superstars can feast their eyes on a new teaser trailer ahead of a series of featurettes from the band. Leading up to the in-game collaboration in MapleStory and MapleStory M, players will be treated to three behind the scenes videos surrounding the MapleStory X BTS collaboration with one new video releasing each week beginning on November 25 via MapleStory’s YouTube channel at

For those of you that are better versed with MapleStory than BTS, this seven-piece pop group debuted on the Korean music scene on June 13, 2013 on MCOUNTDOWN with the song “No More Dream”. Since then they’ve amassed a fan base anywhere counted in the millions and named “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, ARMY for short. This isn’t the first time BTS has appeared in a video game, with their own BTS World and BTS Universe adventures sitting alongside appearances in Fortnite. While we don’t have any details on what fans of both franchises can expect when the MapleStory x BTS event kicks off but it’s likely to be more outlandish than the standard Halloween fare that we get most years. If you want to find out more about the upcoming crossover, check out the official event website page now for more details.

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