Maplestory M Marks November Update With Pathfinder Pre-Registration

Maplestory M, the mobile spin off of the hit Nexon MMO, launched a November update and topped it off with Pathfinder Pre-Registration.

Not long after Maplestory Fest finishing, Maplestory M now now has a new update that fans of the cute 2D adventure will likely want to take a look at. Alongside a ton of additions, fans of the series can now pre-register for the Pathfinder class. Originally landing in the big screen version of Maplestory in 2019, the Pathfinder is a relatively new class to the franchise and an Explorer class of the Archer job branch. Players looking for a unique take on the Archer class can look forward to a character that ditches traditional arrows for Cardinal force and chains together attacks to create some seriously powerful mobbing skills. Between now and this December launch date for this new class, the pre-registration period allows plenty of time for us to create our ow Pathfinder in advance.

Once a Mapler has made their Pathfinder, they will receive rewards each week leading up to launch, for a total of four weeks of potential rewards. Until then, the November update also has some relevant events running too.

  • Level-Up High! EXP Dungeon Event – From November 18 through December 3, Maplers can receive massive amounts of EXP by entering the event dungeon and hunting monsters. This EXP bonus can be transferred to any character within your account!
  • Maple Museum Season 3 – From November 18 through December 9, the Museum Event returns for Season 3! During this event, Maplers will receive fossil item drops from dungeons, which can be turned in for various rewards by completing each of six different fossil masterpieces.
  • I&B Burning Challenge Event- After the November 18 update through December 15, each character will receive either an Icy Agent or Hot Agent title depending on the status of the character. Brand new characters created after the update and accounts that have not logged in for a certain period of time will be Icy Agents, while accounts that have been active will be Hot Agents. Each title will gain additional party EXP buffs between 5%~20% depending on the requirement. Characters will also receive daily rewards boxes according to their title.

To find out more about the Pathfinder class, check out the official Maplestory M site now.

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