Marvel End Time Arena has Launched in Korea

Marvel End Time Arena

Are you a Marvel Fan missing the ARPG styles of Marvel Heroes Omega and Marvel  Ultimate Alliance?  A new game called Marvel End Time Arena has launched in South Korea and may make its way across the world soon. The launch trailer is featured below, which shows the frantic combat between many of the well-known heroes of the Marvel Universe.

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Developed and Published by Smilegate Entertainment, Marvel End Time Arena is a 5 v 5 MOBA that brings together many of your favourite heroes and villains such as Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Venom, Captain Marvel, Thanos and more.  As with most MOBAS, you’ll get together with your team and employ strategic combat using various hero configurations while protecting and assaulting bases. Your teams can also unleash devastating combinations that will assist in crushing your opponents underfoot.

Some additional information on gameplay, there are several beginner modes, including a full AI mode and a place to test out different heroes. They also plan to have ranked and unranked matches, along with at least two starting levels which include Manhattan and Wakanda. With purportedly around 30 characters to choose from it looks like Marvel End Time Arena is shaping up to be a pretty fun MOBA.

While currently, Marvel End Time Arena is only available in Korea with no definite plans on a European or North American launch, interested players can get in the game now utilizing VPN access. Marvel may currently be hesitant over launching Marvel End Time Arena abroad due to high MOBA market saturation, and a bevy of superhero titles it has recently released, like Marvel Strike Force, and others that they plan to release in the near future, such as Square Enix’s Avengers Project and Sonys Spider-Man game set to launch later this year. You can find Marvel End Time Arena on the Korean Steam page here.

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