Marvel Future Fight Revolution Will Launch On Mobile August 25

Marvel Future Fight revolution, the upcoming Open-World Action RPG from Netmarble and Marvel, will launch on mobile on August 25.

Initially announced back in June, this new Marvel adventure is now coming to save your mobile game time on August 25. With global pre-registration now open, this small screen title from Netmarble and Marvel is set to thrust players into a new branch of the multiverse, featuring a host of beloved Marvel characters, you might have seen in other big screen adventures, and some old enemies to take down. Players who get ready to take up the fight on iOS and Android next month can grab a “Pre-Registration Costume Gift Box” for enlisting ahead of time and will unpack a full costume set of in-game cosmetic items for one of MARVEL Future Revolution’s starting Super Heroes.

The new costume will likely come in handy as Marvel Future Fight Revolution brings several versions of Earth crashing together across the multiverse. Creating a new Primary Earth, which sounds a lot like Battleworld to me, this convergence comes filled with a variety of missions scattered across a range of unique zones. The technologically advanced New Stark City, the dangerous Hydra Empire, and the wild and rugged Sakaar all feature, and Marvel’s mightiest will work together as part of “Omega Flight” to battle some of the multiverse’s most powerful super villains in Marvel Future Fight Revolution.

Unlike other Marvel mobile titles, this is the comic book company’s first open world action RPG for mobile devices and will launch with eight playable Super Heroes, consisting of Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and Storm. These do-gooders will have the opportunity to work their way through plenty of open world stories, a bunch of PvE events calls Blitz’s, special operations, and large scale raids, as well as a wealth of PvP options for the competitive types.

If you want to find out more about Marvel Future Fight Revolution, then you can head over to the initial announcement here at Gamespace, check out the new trailer, or pre-register via the official Marvel Future Fight Revolution website now.

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