Marvel Future Revolution Getting Caught Up Guide

combat marvel future revolutions - iron man attacking AIM minions

Marvel Future Revolution launched back in August 2021and this is the perfect time to catch up with Captain Marvel and co as Omega Flight descends into a new on the go multiverse. With only weeks of playtime behind it, Netmarble’s Marvel Future Revolution is still relatively new and after our earlier getting started guide, we wanted to get some more tips out there for anybody just picking up the mobile RPG for the first time.

For those that haven’t even heard of Marel Future Revolutions, this new moile RPG throws into the turmoil that is the Marvel multiverse. Featuring some of Marvel’s biggest heroes and beginning after multiple Earths collide, this brand new RPG gives players control of Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and Storm.

With this selection of costumed characters, players cab can experience an expansive single-player narrative they fight their way through Asgardians, Ultrons, and Hydra-themed outposts. Epic encounters, boss battles, and even PvP await, as well as a wealth of comic book costumes for long-suffering fans outside of the MCU.

If you thought that you’d missed the boat on this impressive-looking new mobile title then we’ve got some tips from Netmarble that might help you jump in and make it to endgame asap.

Gear ‘Em Up to Beat ‘Em Up

marvel future tip screenshot of core upgrades

Primary Earth is filled with challenges around every corner, so remember to constantly upgrade your Costumes, Badges, and other gear and keep stocked up on Med-Kits to keep your Super Hero at peak performance. We’ve mentioned it before, but this goes beyond the Battle Badge system. While playing, new gear that is better than currently equipped will pop up at the bottom of the screen for you to instantly equip. Just click on it to add the best option to each character and keep on taking down AIM. This goes for the Hero Info Screen too. The best available equipment can be slotted simply by pressing the Auto Equip button. To get the best in the slot, take a look at Blitz, Epic Missions, Raids, and Special Operations to ultimately increase your stats and help you survive future missions or multiplayer content

Mad Skills for Thrills


marvel future tips - skills screen

As your Super Hero levels up, don’t forget to continually upgrade your skills to deal out the maximum amount of damage per skill. That being said, every skill can be beneficial for different scenarios. For example, Iron Man’s “Unibeam” initial skill attacks only in front of your character while pushing back the enemy, which is great in the early stages. That same “Unibeam” can be upgraded later to a Unibeam that causes stun at a reduced damage output. This can be useful during an intense Raid with friends and your team is being overrun by multiple enemies at once

But what’s a skill if you can’t master it? With Skill Mastery, skill effects can grow and change to provide more flexibility, such as a stun or a massive debuff! The character combinations that can come out of this can be astounding! Think about what each skill does, and use the skill preview in the Skill screen to help you decide. You’ve got more than one preset layout available so it’s even possible to change your skill presets to meet your playstyle, save up to three skill presets for different situations like Epic Quests, Blitzes, Raids, and PvP modes like Omega War.

Suiting Up For Battle

Remember to always upgrade your Costumes and Omega Cards. Throughout your journey, you will come across many items that will aid in your path towards growth and victory. Don’t worry if you don’t want to compromise between looks and stats though. You can keep that look and apply it to whatever Costume gear you have equipped using the Customization feature. And tools available at the game’s primary hubs. Once you collect a new Costume piece, you retain the visual look of it, even if you disassemble it for upgrade materials.

Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Yellowjacket


screenshot of marvel future revolution and the dodge mechanic

It may feel great to unleash the full fury of your Super Hero’s powers on an enemy, but even the most seasoned Super Hero needs to manage their abilities and not get overwhelmed by enemies and Super Villains. The dodge button is key to avoiding large enemy attacks that often come from boss enemies. You’ll find the dodge button on the bottom right of the screen, tucked away by the rest of your skills, get ready to use it when major enemies telegraph their big skills and try not to be a smear under the Red Hulk’s smash.

Creating Your Super Squad


marvel tips squad skills page

Are you enjoying the adventures with your current Super Hero? Did you know that using multiple Super Heroes on one account enhances your total power level? We talked about squads during our previous getting started tips but it’s worth mentioning again that adding more heroes to your squad unlocks greater power, possibly more responsibility too. Super Heroes all contribute to your total Squad Power, and even when they are not in use, their spirit fights with you through this passive set of buffs and boosts that is the Squad Power system!

The Potential Within

marvel potential screen

Each Super Hero has unique skills that they can bring into battle, but did you know you can further enhance and modify your playstyle with the Potential system? Potential is more than a set of skill upgrades and can further customize Super Hero stats to reduce cooldowns, increase power, and offer other specializations to provide more unique options for battles. Being character-based, unlike the previous squad upgrades, this rewards you for playing with each of your heroes and can be enhanced by collecting Potential Reports and using them to increase your Super Hero’s Potential.


If you’re jsut about to don some spandex then check out our other tips and tricks guide and download Marvel Future Revolution for free on the official website.

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