Marvel Future Revolution Getting Started Tips

Marvel Future Revolution Getting Started Tips -a picture of Storm

Marvel Future Revolution Is Out Now on iOS and Android, bringing the Marvel multiverse together for some epic adventures. After we unceremoniously stumbled our way through New Stark City and beyond last month, we’ve brought you a few early pointers to make sure that you get the most out of this new adventure.

You Can’t Meet All Your Heroes


marvel future revolution dr strange


Starting out in Marvel Future Revolution, you’ll be expected to pick a squad of heroes to do battle with. Spiderman, Captain America, Dr Strange, Captain Marvel, Starlord, Storm, and Black Widow are available to choose from, each with their own style of play and epic powers, but that doesn’t mean you should just pick your favorite costumed crusader. Each Marvel Hero might come with different powers but they also get progressively more difficult. Of all the heroes It’s worth selecting a character such as Storm, Dr Strange, or Iron Man to take the lead in your party and get levelling before you check out the latest tier list. You can check the number of stars below each character to find out how complex they are to control. Any low difficulty level heroes have plenty of wide-area attacks and powerful ranged AOEs that mean taking down early problems isn’t particularly complex and honestly, Storm felt utterly overpowered when we tried out Marvel Future Revolution for ourselves.

Battle Badges


battle badges


So far, we’ve found a few upgrades and systems in Marvel Future Revolution that you might miss if you’re coming out of another mobile RPG. Battle badges are one of these new ideas. Found on the equipment screen, these extra adds for your equipment tend to drop as themed rewards during specific bouts of content. Early in the game, you’ll get a few of these badges for your heroes entrance. Be sure to equip these badges as they are more than just medals of honor. These battle badges add stats to your hero character, whether it’s attack, defence, or strength that you’ll need to take down some seriously big foes. Multiple slots are open to use and you’ll want to fill them all because every edge is worth taking.

Team Work


marvel future revolution squad power


With up to four character slots available early on, you’ll be looking to power up your own team of superheroes. Spiderman, Captain America, Dr Strange, Captain Marvel, Starlord, Storm, and Black Widow are all available to select, but no matter who you pick the overall strength of your team will impact your ability to take down the toughest of enemies and take on the most challenging content. Thankfully, as you strengthen and level up your heroes, you’ll be able to choose from several squad stats, boosting all your do-gooders.

Found in the Main Menu, under Squad Info, this squad information splits into several components. You’ll find the rank sections split into three distinct parts, Weapon Development, Armor Design, and Bionics. Each of these is an amalgamation of various bonuses and straight stat increases that are significant when added together. Levelling up requires a mix of gold and in-game blueprints, but the important thing is to play with all your team and don’t neglect this, as the cumulative effect of the Squad Rank is significant.

Check Your Challenges


Getting gold early on to get levelled or build out your skills is not the easiest of tasks. Game currency can be dropped but by far the easiest way to grab some gold is to check your in-game achievements. Log in events, a whole plethora of challenges, zone progression, and other menus are available with money being one of the biggest payouts for these. So check your mail, scour the menu for challenges and tick them off. It’s the easiest way to get cash and pay for those gear and skill unlocks right away.

log in events


Side Quests


side quests

While challenges and a completionists attitude might be a good way to get some in-game cash and unlock the skill upgrades, gear doesn’t drop quite so easily. After playing through the opening levels with a few characters side missions are easily the most lucrative gear grinds in the opening stages. When advancing through an area of Marvel Future Revolution’s open world, purple indicators designate the main story quests but these won’t get a ton of gear. While autoplay allows for easy light touch gameplay, you’d be well-served to look out for green exclamation marks and dialogue markers. These NPCs usually hold side quests which tend to drop some impressive gear for the early levels. Even if you consider two and three-star gear sub-par, the more that you can get your hands on, the more for the in-game enhancement systems, which combines similarly tiered gear for greater stats and power-ups.


Finally, ifyou’re looking to document your victories in this superbly polished mobile title then one more freebie. Photo mode is jsut a quick pinch and zoom away. If you’ve got any tips of your own then feel free to let us know, or find out if my advise is worth much by picking up Marvel Future Revolution for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.



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