Marvel Future Revolution is a Mobile Marvel Game for All

Netmarble and Marvel Entertainment have announced that preorders for Marvel Future Revolution have officially opened for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The open-world action RPG will be coming to the App Store and Google Play in the near future.

Gameplay centers around several iconic characters from the Marvel universe including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-man, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Star-Lord, and Store. According to the development team, more characters will be added to the roster during the robust schedule of updates planned for the post-launch era of the game.

The game begins when numerous Earths converge in the multiverse to form an entirely new ‘Primary Earth’ filled with unique zones and missions to explore, such as the high-tech New Stark City, the dangerous Hydra Empire, the wild, and rugged Sakaar, and many more. As agents of the newly formed ‘Omega Flight’ Super Hero team, players will work together to battle an onslaught of Super-Villains and defend the ‘Primary Earth’ from a never-ending series of threats. Eight playable Super Heroes will be outfitted in an extensive collection of iconic costumes from throughout the Marvel Universe, with a tremendous selection of more than 400 million costume combinations per hero to choose from.

Other features of the game include:

  • the Squad System that allows players to level up and play as new characters
  • PvP options offer competitive players several ways to engage with one another:
    • 1v1 matches
    • 10v10 matches
    • Dark Zone 50v50 free-for-all that combines PvP and PvE action with the goal to beat the boss while fending off other players
  • 4-player Blitz
  • 4-player Raids
  • Special Operations that balance levels and stats among players to focus on character skills. These include civilian rescue mode, horde mode, and more
  • combat that is true to each hero’s characteristics

Players that pre-register for Marvel Future Revolution will receive a unique skin as a reward for their support. Pre-register at the App Store or Google Play.

Check out the official site to learn more.

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