Marvel Strike Force is celebrating 80 years of MARVEL

Marvel Strike Force

The MARVEL franchise is turning a whopping 80 years old this year and mobile phenomenon Marvel Strike Force is celebrating. The Fantastic Four will be joining the fray and Namor is coming along as a potential recruit.

The Fantastic Four characters will be released into the game over the course of the coming weeks. Players can look for The Thing, The Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, and Invisible Woman.

Namor will also be coming along with telepathic control and his abilities to “grant allies stealth and barrier to infiltrate enemy lines while maintaining a powerful defense”. Each comes with both offensive and defensive abilities that can change the course of any fight.

MSF players will also be able to celebrate MARVEL’s birthday in style through a number of pretty sweet activities including:

  • the Daily Log-In Calendar where players can take home character shards of some of the franchise’s first original characters and more;
  • 2x Marvel 80th Shards from the campaign mode with Captain America, Hawkeye, Groot, Black Panther, Storm, Ms. Marvel, and Doctor Strange;
  • Campaign Energy refresh reduction cost that’s always a welcomed treat!

Look for more information on the Marvel Strike Force site.

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