Marvel Writer Brian Michael Bendis Signs Exclusive Deal With DC Comics

In one hell of a set of Tweets this morning 15-year Marvel writer vet Brian Michael Bendis leaves Marvel for rival publisher DC Comics. Bendis has been known for his writing on such great Marvel Comics as Guardians Of The Galaxy, Iron Man, Avengers, Ultimate Spider-man, Jessica Jones, Uncanny X-Men, All New X-Men, just to name a “few”.

Marvel Comics has provided with a statement in response to the news that writer Brian Michael Bendis will be leaving Marvel Comics:

“Brian is a great partner and has contributed incredible stories and characters to the Marvel Universe over the years. We appreciate his creativity and professionalism, and we wish him the best on his future projects.”

DC Comics made the announcement that it had signed Bendis via Twitter this morning stating:

 “We are beyond thrilled to welcome Brian Michael Bendis exclusively to the DC family with a multiyear, multi-faceted deal,” DC’s statement reads. “He’s one of the premier writers in the industry, having created so many unforgettable stories wherever he’s been and we can’t wait to see what he has planned for the DC Universe.”
With Bendis reciprocating in kind on Twitter:

“This is real,” Bendis tweeted. “I love you all. Change is good. Change is healthy. I am bursting with ideas and inspirations. Details to come! Stay tuned!”

Bendis is the recipient of multiple Eisner Awards and began his work at Marvel in 2000 with his popular work on Ultimate Spider-Man which helped Marvel launch, the recently defunct “Ultimate” universe. Most recent works include the Civil War II cross-over series, Jessica Jones, Spider-man: Miles Morales and Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart. Bendis has also had his hands in man of Marvel’s cinematic and television shows.

So which DC Comics IP would you most like to see Bendis have a hand in? Comment below!

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Scott is a comic book, music and gaming nerd since the late 70s. Gaming all began on the Colecovision and Atari 2600. He buys and reads new comics every Wednesday from his LCBS and helps run an online Heavy Metal radio station.


  1. Good fucking riddance.

  2. @unfilteredjw: Amen brother! Bendis is the living personification of everything wrong with modern comics. With any luck DC will run him out on a rail after he tries making his kids into the new Batman and Green Arrow or whatever and he can finally join Chuck Austen in the unemployment line where he belongs.

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