Marvel’s Avengers Gets Free PS5 or Xbox Series X Upgrade

marvel's avengers free upgrade

Marvel’s Avengers, the new comic book adventure from publisher Square Enix, is going to give players on current gen consoles a free upgrade to Xbox Series X or PS5.

In a move that many PC gamers will probably call common sense, the publisher behind the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game has confirmed that anybody who buys the title on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will automatically get an upgrade if they decide to jump on the next gen bandwagon. The new comic book adventure drops this holiday 2020 and looks set to give fans of the hugely successful film Avengers film franchise a comic book fix while the screening rooms are closed.

Anybody upgrading their gaming console will also be happy to note that the refreshed graphics won’t mean losing progression. Saved game progression will port over to the Xbox One or Playstation 5 versions of Avengers and profiles and all the shiny enhancements that come with time invested will continue to dazzle your friends across platforms. This news also comes with confirmation that cross-gen play will be supported so PS5 players will be able to play with their friends on PS4 and Xbox Series X players will be connected with their friends on Xbox One.

Developed by Crystal Dynamics, Marvel’s Avengers will make use of the purportedly blazing fast load time of these upcoming consoles to create a seamless world and will “enable real-time streaming of massive worlds at ridiculously fast speeds,” according to Gary Snethen, CTO of Crystal Dynamics. For a look at the new graphical reality of the next generation of gaming consoles and the full details on what Crystal Dynamics are doing with this, check out a recent Playstation blog. For the rest of us on PC, you can simply swap in a new graphics card and expect better graphics. Kind of neat really. For more on Marvel’s Avengers check out the official webpage and keep an eye on Gamepsace.


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