Marvel’s Avengers & Upcoming Beta Plans

The latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table is now in the bag with some great news for fans eagerly awaiting news about upcoming beta testing opportunities. Square Enix has indicated that the game is being prepped for beta testing from August 14th to August 16th for those who have pre-ordered the game. A second open beta event will take place for everyone from August 21st to August 23rd. Players who manage to get into the beta will be treated to “a comprehensive hands-on experience of the game ahead of its worldwide launch on September 4th”.

“We really want to give fans an in-depth look at what they can expect when they get their hands on the beta starting on August 7th,” said Scot Amos, Co-Head of Crystal Dynamics. “I couldn’t be more proud of the work the team has done getting Marvel’s Avengers ready for players, and can’t wait to see their reactions.”

Other notable announcements:

  • Hawkeye will be part of a free post-release DLC
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players who link Square Enix Members and Epic Games accounts and who complete the beta’s trio of HARM-room challenges will earn the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe and the Hulkbuster style in Fortnite

Check out the videos before heading over to the Marvel’s Avengers official site to learn more about the game.

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