Master Of Orion Is Free For World Of Tanks players

master of orion free

Master of Orion, a massive 4X strategy title from NGD Studios, is free for World of Tanks players and you’ll just have to blow something up to get it.

Wargaming, the studio behind the online tank title World of Tanks, is about to give away Master of Orion to its PC players as part of a special in-game event. Players who want to snag a very different type of quest will be able to do so from today by completing a simple battle mission in World of Tanks Random Battles (including Grand Battles). This is open to any tier of player and is available from 9 April right through until 23 April. Once complete, players should receive Master Of Orion via the game Centre.

A New Frontier

This giveaway provides a launching point into a massive recreation of the very first Master Of Orion game. Originally launched back in 1993 by MicroProse, this PC game was a massive hit on MSDos and Mac platforms. Yup, it was before windows. In 2016 the huge 4X space strategy returned to screens rebuilt from the ground up with the same mix of trade, politic,s and combat that made the original great but with a whole raft of new additions. Enhanced graphics, new audio, and new tech trees bring back all 10 original Master Of Orion Races for another round of space conquest. Developed under the watchful eyes of the original development team, we are itching to launch out into space. Let’s hope we fare better than the volunteers at Kindred Aerospace.

The re-release of Master of Orion was largely an attempt by Wargaming to diversify from its earth-based franchises, via the Wargaming Labs studios but this team appears to have largely fallen back onto spin-offs form the core “World of” franchise. Despite this, we’re eager to find out more about the next big title out of Wargaming, their upcoming FPS Caliber, and Master of Orion is definitely worth a look. You can grab it by logging into World of Tanks and blowing up some other mechanized war machines. Head over to the World of Tanks blog post or check out the Master of Orion website for more details on your next adventure.

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