Maxsun Unveil The Waifu 3060 Ti Graphics Card For The Weeb In Your Life

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Maxsun, a Chinese manufacturer you might not have heard of, unveiled a new lineup of 3060 Ti graphics cards, including a Waifu 3060 Ti variant.

Any of you that might have caught the hugely popular GamersNexus look at Yeston’s AMD 5700 XT Waifu styled know exactly what you’re in for here. Across the weekend, we caught wind that graphics card manufacturer Maxsun had unveiled a lineup of new 3060 Ti cards. The new budget end entry in Nvidia’s new Ampere series of graphics processors is barely out, but we’re starting to see more and more styles of partner ards on the market. This launch included a look at three different cards, one of which seems to glow brighter than any set of LEDs that you could platers onto it.

Best Girl?

Officially called the Maxsun GeForce RTX 3060 Ti iCraft OC Enchantment Heart Princess edition, this entry in the Maxsun range of cards features a sizeable tripe fan cooler on top and a bespoke backplate. The white, pink, and blue color scheme features across the top shroud with a picture of the aforementioned Enchantment Hear Princess along the back of the card. This follows on from the company’s previous similarly decorated Enchantment heart Princess 3080 variant earlier this year./ This central character is something of a mascot for Maxsun, featuring in their own anime advertising campaign. We at least know who Maxsun’s best girl is.

This isn’t the only card Maxsun released, with 2 more designs on show lately. The standard variant is on shelves, while a more amped up iCraft GM / OC design is also part of the offering. This provides the expected added boost to clock speed, and just as importantly some seriously sick Addressable RGB lighting effects. All three cards come with three fan cooling solution and should be virtually impossible to get in the west anyhow. So really no different to other Nvidia 3060 Ti cards?

If we manage to import a Waifu 3060 Ti we’ll let you know. Until then would you buy this or are you looking for any new GPU you can snag?

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