MazM: Jekyll & Hyde coming to Switch & PC

CFK has announced that it is bringing MazM: Jekyll & Hyde to both Nintendo Switch and to PC via Steam starting April 2nd. The game has been available on mobile devices since 2018 but is making the jump to new platforms to garner a wider audience.

The turn-based adventure game will place players in the middle of the action based on the “classic mystery novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson”. The protagonist is a lawyer named Utterson who is a friend of Dr. Jekyll. He has been charged with finding Hyde, Jekyll’s beneficiary. Players set off on a journey through 19th century London and work to collect evidence from the city’s denizens.

“It is not only the dark night of London and serious music that makes the story immersive, but also the chance to look at the truth from other characters’ viewpoints including Hyde’s. In addition, the game has players directly investigate the case with many and diverse minigames. Witness how a man’s pride and desire cause his downfall.”

Learn more on the MazM: Jekyll & Hyde official site.

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