MechWarrior 5 – DLC Is Being Postponed & Enhanced

MechWarrior 5 - DLC Is Being Postponed & Enhanced

The developers from Piranha Games have taken to the official site to update players regarding their plans for the first DLC pack to MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries. Originally the team targeted an April release but found itself debating new features that didn’t fit into the schedule and making compromises driven by the deadline.

After some reflection, Piranha Games decided to delay the release to incorporate planned features. The adjusted estimate reflects release in June.

DLC – Heroes of the Inner Sphere

Follow your chosen career path from War Dog to Treasure Hunter in the new Career Mode.
Explore new warzones, new quests, new missions that span the full breadth of the Inner Sphere.
Hunt the Heroes – special Hero quests tell the story of 7 new heroes and their unique mechs.
Find new mech chassis and variants, new weapons, new equipment, as well as blueprints to quirk your beloved mechs.
…and much more.

  • New Career Mode – start a career from scratch in any of the great houses or import your progress from the original Campaign.
  • Career Paths – Complete 5 different job types to unlock career path rewards including new blueprints for quirking mechs.
  • Expanded Inner Sphere Map that includes 61 total warzones (+18), 34 Industrial Hubs, and 55 quest lines (+11) recrafted for less linear, more open exploration.
  • Hunt down 7 new heroes and their hero mechs in the story-driven Hero Quests, featuring 7 unique handcrafted missions.
  • 7 new ‘Mech chassis: Corsair, Vulcan, Charger, Hatamoto-Chi, Dervish, Champion, Marauder II
  • 50 new variants including new variants for existing chassis.
  • New equipment: ECM, EWECM, BAP, EWAP, MASC, Supercharger.
  • New Weapons: Chem Lasers, Short Burst lasers, Mech Rifles.
  • New Procedural Mission type: Beachhead that features artillery strikes and emplacements.
  • New Giant Moon Biome and Moonbase garrisons.

These aspects (below) would be part of a free update:

  • Keep tabs on the latest Inner Sphere news to check when borders change or when new tech becomes available + many more lore-based events.
  • QoL fixes such as full 360 LOS radar, and ambient and area-based heat effects.
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