Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond is a new game for VR

Respawn Entertainment is bringing its most famous IP to virtual reality. During yesterday’s Oculus Connect event, the company announced Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond, a brand new MoH experience tailored for the Oculus Rift platform.

Above & Beyond takes players back to World War II and provides a full-length campaign. Players take the role of an agent in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and go behind enemy lines to “sabotage Nazi facilities, subvert enemy plans, and aid the French”. All of this is said to provide the “most authentic and immersive World War II experience from the series to date”.

Players can also look forward to a number of multiplayer game modes and additional features. The launch will happen sometime in “summer 2020”.

“It’s a great feeling to introduce Medal of Honor to a whole new generation of gamers on a new platform for the franchise,” said Peter Hirschmann, Game Director. “I’ve been fortunate to be a part of this franchise since the beginning, and putting this game on the Oculus Rift allows us to be more immersive than we’ve ever been before. If the game we’re making ignites people’s imaginations and illuminates the world, then we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do.”

Learn more by reading the Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond press announcement.

About the Medal of Honor series

Unleash the hero within as you take on some of the deadliest combat missions in history with Medal of Honor. This legendary military shooter game has taken players from the European theatre of World War II all the way to modern-day Special Forces deployments all over the globe.

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