Medieval Dynasty Coming to Early Access This September

medieval dynasty early access

Medieval Dynasty, the upcoming legacy sim from Toplitz Games, is set to build an empire on PC when it arrives as an Early Access title on 17 September 2020.

If you are ready to build your own empire, then Toplitz Productions, the team behind strategy management sims like Farmer’s Dynasty and Lumberjack’s Dynasty, are set to launch a new lineup in their lineage. Medieval Dynasty drags the Dynasty franchise back into the dark ages and challenges players to survive long enough to become master of all they see. In a land ruled by nobles and knights, games will find themselves starting life as a lowly peasant who must do more than simply forage to survive.

More Than Survival

As Medieval Dynsaty progresses, players will find a whole range of survival activities to engage in, from building shacks to tilling the land. The unique twist, this time, is that this is more than just a survival title. Medieval Dynasty allows players to form relationships, romances, and build a family line. You’ll be able to employ other villagers and command NPCs to your whim as your own business empire grows, and the story continues down through your offspring. After a few early press previews, Toplitz Productions is releasing this genre mashup for PC gamers via Steam.

In addition to the Early Access release of Medieval Dynasty, gamers can also get an early glimpse of the dark ages when Gamescom 2020 hits screens across the globe. While I might now be raising my hackles and cutting a swathe through the crowd in Cologne this year, you’ll be able to catch Medieval Dynasty through Gamescom’s online events, more of which we will cover soon. For now, if you want to get a glimpse of the latest life sim for the dark ages, then check out the Medieval Dynasty Steam Store Page now.

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