Medieval Dynasty Takes To The Skies In Latest Update

ducks in a pond - Medieval Dynasty Takes To The Skies In Latest update

Medieval Dynasty, the feudal survival and legacy builder from Toplitz, is about to take to the skies with a new bird and crafting update.

Publisher Toplitz has just revealed details of the latest added extras to their old school dynasty builder. Players rolling back into the Middle Ages and clawing their way out of poverty will notice a whole range of new avian extras on the horizon, as well as the option to craft trophies.  The new update will drop five new bird species coasting on the updrafts across the world. Ducks, white-tailed eagles, hawks, pigeons, and crows have now taken flight. These re not just decorations. Like any survival sim, the wildlife can be permanently downed to aid in your own survival, providing valuable resources and materials for crafting.

Players looking to embrace their interior designer can now display more items in their houses. Animals such as deer, wisents, and moose will leave skulls behind that can be turned into trophies and put on the wall for everybody to see. It’s not exactly to my taste, but they’re all digital after all.

This new update is part of Medieval Dynasty’s ongoing roadmap, which has brought players and economic tycoons of the Middle Ages a reassuringly regular set of new features and donkeys. For those just starting out on their journey, Medieval Dynasty is part survival sim part economic RPG, where players must survive and build their own economic empire in a fully first person medieval world. With a huge map, opportunities to farm, hut, trade, and craft your way to an empire of sorts there are tons of ways to make money, all while navigating quest lines and relationships that will cement your Dynasty.  You can check out more about Medieval Dynasty over at the official Steam Store page or pick it up with a 25% discount too. Medieval Dynasty is out now on Steam, Epic, and the Microsoft Store (also on the Xbox Game Pass for PC).

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