Medieval Dynasty Update Adds New Animals, Romance Options, And Vendors

Medieval Dynasty just unveiled a 5th major roadmap update, adding new animal, romance options, and a mall full of vendors to this survival sim turned legacy builder.

While the Middle Ages might be a time of destitution and poverty for many, it looks like the players in Toplitz’s Medieval Dynasty are getting even more shiny new things with the reveal of another roadmap update from developer Render Cube. Since hitting Early Access in 2020, the latest in the Dynasty series has managed a plethora of new and increasingly impressive additions to this old school survival sim.

Following on from previous roadmap updates that added beer, bees, and mining to this adventure, the latest update begins by dropping in brand-new romance options for players. While relationships in Medieval Dynasty can lead to the continued success of your lineage, they have been a little transactional sometimes. Now players can take extra opportunities to interact with the target of their affections, cracking a joke, sharing some gossip, or making small talk. If the new verbal options don’t help attract a pairing then they can also give gifts to garner the attention of that special somebody and make flirting with the in game characters a little more entertaining.


A bunch of new vendors are also now on offer, with plenty of exotic gifts to win over your BAE. Players can add a stall to this thoroughfare, setting up their own market stall. Each market stall can hold its own set of goods, with a villager hired and assigned to tend to it.

New Beasts

The final major addition to this roadmap comes in the form of new fuzzy friends. The menagerie of wild animals wandering the woods increases today as the lynx strides out into Medieval Dynasty. This dangerous predator comes with razor sharp claws, all the better for tearing up any livestock, the new wooden crossbow might be worth buying when you can.

You can check out more about the 5th roadmap update for Medieval Dynasty in the trailer above and investigate the 2021 roadmap over at the official website.

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