Meet the Cat Crew in Chronicles of Nyanya

Fat Dog Games has sent out a brand new trailer and it is MEOWvelous! It introduces you to how the upcoming RPG will play when it is released on November 17th. You’ll also have a chance to meet the CATastrophically handsome crew as well.

Meet the crew

You can also head on over to the Chronicles of Nyanya site to check out a list of the major players. You’ll recognize such well-known names as “Meowdedore Voldemeow” and “Catniss Everpurr” to name but two. Each one has a brief profile of who they are and where they’ve come from.

Catniss Everpurr is an archer, she has a bow and arrows. She likes to shoot her arrows and she is the champion of the Goddess of archery, Meowrida the Brave. She was raised by ent-cats, as she is a long-lost princess, but no one knows about that. Catniss treasures friendship. She has a lot of it and she plans to give it all away to everyone, even if they don’t seem interested.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a cat, this game provides the perfect opportunity including appropriately kitty-based humor. You will become a cat that, though no fault of her own, becomes a CATSSASSIN on a mission to save the world. You’ll find standard RPG elements including questing, reputation and brutal fights, sneaking around on little cat feet and solving puzzles.

Check below, we haz it: 

  • Fun!
  • Drama!
  • Parody!
  • Cuteness!
  • Insane plot!
  • Chosen ones!
  • Burning cities!
  • Dangerous enemies!
  • Traumatic characters!
  • Beautifully drawn kittens!
  • Character reputation and choices!


If that piques your interest, head to the official Steam page to learn more.

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