Meet More Characters From Tales of Luminaria

Meet More Characters From Tales of Luminaria

The mobile jRPG Tales of Luminaria from Bandai Namco Entertainment is working on introducing players to its character cast. The game maintains the series’ core theme of “Encounters that change the world”, but has a whole new original story and characters. It can be enjoyed by both those who are familiar with the series and those who are not, through new challenges and new experiences mentioned in the show.

Tales of Luminaria will bring a new mobile game experience, with its ensemble drama type of system that plays out from 21 different perspectives showing their way of life and the bonds they share with their friends. These unique 21 protagonists, designed by Shun Saeki, grow as they clash with each other over their own “justice”. Every time you play through the stories of the various characters, you will learn more about the characters’ true intentions, and the world around them.

Tales of Luminaria – Ana-Maria Marschner

The daughter of the second emperor of the Gildllan Empire. A sheltered child since birth, she grew up without any knowledge of the outside world and lacks even basic facts. Through her travels with the party, she gradually learns about the world and its hidden truths.

Tales of Luminaria – August Wallenstein

Once a humble apple farmer, his life changed drastically when he lost his hometown and his beloved wife and daughter. Swearing vengeance, he joined the imperial army, where his rare talents eventually elevated him to the rank of chancellor.

Tales of Luminaria – Gaspard Herbet

An enigmatic figure who travels between the federation and the empire, taking orders from both sides. Because of his frivolous, flirtatious ways, he is often looked down upon by others, but those who understand his skills are highly wary of him.

Tales of Luminaria – Laplace

The Red Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August. Although she is favored by the emperor, there are many within the empire who distrust her. Even so, her charm and beauty have placed untold numbers of imperial soldiers under her spell.

Tales of Luminaria – Alexandra von Sonne

The White Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August. A firm adherent to her own sense of justice, she continues forward with August and Laplace, despite their clashing beliefs. She’s also a big eater, potentially capable of eating the residents of the imperial capital out of house and home.

Tales of Luminaria – Bastien Forge

The Black Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August. He boasts overwhelming strength, even for a soldier of the imperial army. A man lacking in emotions, he usually thinks only of the mission, but sometimes baffles others with his peculiar comments.

Tales of Luminaria – Falk

Recruited by August for the imperial army. A very self-centered individual, he puts all of his efforts into attaining glory through military exploits. After running away from the children’s home where he lived with Amelie, he survived solely off his skills as a mercenary.

Tales of Luminaria – Amelie Laurence

A girl who acts like an innocent child in an adult’s appearance. She enlisted in order to procure a stable income to send back to the children’s home where she grew up. With her uncanny luck, everything she attempts somehow manages to turn out well.

Tales of Luminaria – Hugo Simon

Friends with Leo and Celia since childhood. During his activities as a member of Blaze, he became increasingly distrustful of the federation until a meeting with August lured him over to the imperial side.

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