MegaCat Studios Releases Trio of NES Titles to Sate Your Retro Needs

MegaCat Studios has released a trio of games that is sure to please your retro-wannabe. All three are available for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems with a twist. They are hand-crafted for your old NES consoles languishing in the cabinet! All three games are available in limited numbers so you’ll need to act fast!

MegaCat Studios games line up

Log Jammers ($49.99) will let you unleash your inner lumberjack! You will choose one of several ax-wielding characters and cut your way through the game. It’s not all fun and games either. You’ll take your “craft to the next level” and compete for victory!

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Almost Hero ($49.99) lets you release tension by beating up a ton of enemies. You’ll take the role of either Orville or Reginald and fight your way through the game.

Expedition ($75.00) is a table top card-based RPG for people may have wanted to, but never tried, this type of game. It’s perfect for you who love RPGs but don’t always have the time to indulge your passion due to family and work. You can “forget spending hours of set up and planning time and get started playing in about 5 minutes.”

You can learn more about each game at the provided links as well as by checking out the videos above.

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