Men of War 2 Fires A First Shot At The Golden Joystick Awards

1C Entertainment unveiled a brand new entry in the Men of War series at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, alongside a new trailer.

Best Way and 1C entertainment are expecting plenty of explosive action in the newly announced Men of War 2. Revealed to gamers globally as part of last night’s award ceremony, Men of War 2 is the latest campaign in this established real time strategy experience and is set to march onto PC, via Steam, in 2022. While we don’t have an exact deployment date, 1C did drop a trailer for the upcoming game as well as details on what to expect.

The follow up to Men of War will purportedly focus on the series’ roots, introducing a new set of mechanics and introducing a new take on the real time strategy status quo. The new Front Line mechanic is the bedrock of these new dynamic encounters, where the push-and-pull of each skirmish directly affects territory borders. Sounding distinctly like the epic Hell Let Loose approach to the Western Front, men of War 2 will roll out a greater command of the battlefield with an enhanced Direct Vision feature, that will allow direct control of one unit at a time too.
These aren’t the only changes commanders are likely to see, as they pick and choose from 45 battalions and more than 300 vehicles. Plenty of action will unfold over two separate story campaigns, each playable in single-player or up to five-player online co-op. If you get bored of this action across both the Western and Eastern Fronts, then Men of War 2 will, as you’d expect, also come prepared with a fully online competitive mode. Logged in and ready to obliterate other keyboard captains, players can pick from the Allies, Soviets, or Germans and unleash a huge array of WWII weapons on each other.

For a glimpse of what to expect, head over to the official Men of War 2 website now or check out the trailer now.

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