Metro Exodus DLC Includes New Narrative Content

Metro Exodus DLC

It might Surprise you to learn that Metro Exodus is more than just pretty lights and Ray Tracing tech. Today, Deep silver shared a little more of that other content with details of a Metro Exodus DLC.

Coming to the Epic Game Store, Xbox, and PlayStation Store, the Metro Exodus ExpansionPass brings two brand new major stories to the Exodus universe. Players who grab the newest DLC for this the post-apocalyptic tale will get the chance to follow the journey of a brand new character, and a Spartan Ranger. The rest of this news story might contain some spoilers so read on or just skip down past the next two paragraphs.

Story Time

The first of the new Metro Exodus DLC stories arrives in summer 2019. It is centered on the fate of Colonel Khlebnikov and the residents that inhabit the subterranean city of Novosibirsk. As the Colonel tries to make his way home to his son the city faces imminent dangers from a number of threats. You can guess how things end up as the player takes control of Colonel Miller and retraces the last days of Novosibirsk.

The second of the new narratives follow the only American Spartan Ranger, Sam. A U.S. Marine in Moscow, Sam was there when the bombs fell and hs longed to return home ever since. What seemed like a foolhardy dream get s a little closer as players forge Sam’s path back towards the good old U.S.A. The Sam’s Story update, is also the final part of the Metro Exodus DLC, arriving in early 2020.

If you haven’t heard of Metro Exodus after it’s exclusive Epic Store launch, you might want to check out our review. The gorgeous and haunting FPS, based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels, put our nerves on edge and made us jump for the first sign of a flashlight. You can also head over to the official website for more details. Metro Exodus is out now  and you can pre-order the DLC at the Epic Store, Microsoft Store, and PlayStation 4 Store.

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