Metro Exodus Is Getting An Enhanced Edition And Ray Tracing

Metro Exodus Is Getting An Enhanced Edition and this is a screenshot of it

Metro Exodus, the 2019 first person scare n shoot from 4A Games, is set to get a new Enhanced Edition and a bunch of new upgrades, and many of you will be getting it for free.

4A Games has announced that this year gamers on next gen consoles will be able to grab a new version of Metro Exodus, the already gorgeous looking shooter set in the wastelands of the future. A brand new Enhanced Edition will drop onto shelves bringing a whole host of support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms that simply wasn’t available back when the original launched. Console owners will be able to buy a version that turns the RTX On and bumps up the frame rate to a smooth 4K/60fps while rendering all those reflective light sources. Series S consoles will only manage a lower 1080p resolution but will still enable ray tracing and 60FPS gunplay.


metro exuds enhanced features list

PC Free?

There is an obvious omission for console owners, however. PC players who lock and load the new Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will get similarly upgraded graphics and Ray Tracing upgrades, alongside DLSS 2.0 support. The Nvidia enhancement provides a powerful rendering upgrade to anybody who actually managed to gain possession of a new 30xx series graphics card, despite the botched launch, using AI techniques to help with the burden of making your game look consistently gorgeous at high resolutions. What’s more, PC players who already won Metro Exodus will get the new edition of the game free if they own it the base title on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GoG. For many of us, that’s a pretty tempting deal.

If you didn’t descend into the tunnels or fight your way through the wastelands of the original Metro series, then you’d best be ready. As the third instalment in the Metro video game trilogy based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels, it follows a group of survivors on a continent spanning escape from the post apocalyptic ruins of what was Moscow. Blending first person shooter mechanics with survival horror concepts, this is definitely one to go back for at this price. You can check out the list of enhancements on offer above and find out more at the official website now.

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