Metro: Exodus Receives Final “Making Of” Video

Metro Exodus

As the final game in the Metro trilogy marches toward release in just over a week, 4A Games has released the third video entry in its docuseries, The Making of Metro Exodus. If you’re interested in how the cake is made, The Making of Metro, provides a rare glimpse into the journey of a big budget game from concept to launch. Episodes 1 and 2 went into the history of the series and the unique character the team has built into the game world of the first two games. The final entry focuses on the culmination of the project and the journey 4A Games has taken developing the game over the last five years.

It’s a great way to not only get a behind the scenes look but also to see the new environments, weapons, and mechanics being introduced in Exodus and how far the series has advanced since its first entry.

Watch Episode 3 right here and check out the first two at the links below!

Episode One:
Episode Two:

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