Miasma Caves Leaves Early Access Today

miasma caves

Miasma Caves leaves Early Access today as this new indie adventure game arrives on the PC, via Steam.

Developed by Windy Games for the past three years, this title goes live on PC today. After hitting Steam’s Early Access program back in 2019, the indie team behind this magical looking adventure is due to release the game proper today. We spotted the news over on the game’s official twitter page and found an experience that takes the roguelike exploration and cute aesthetic of games like Moonlighter and expands it without the need for combat.

Exploring For Adventure

Distinctly non violent, Miasma caves follow the adventures of Lesath a draconid treasure hunter as she explores a range of caves that run beneath the local town. Players venturing into the darkness will find a huge variety of procedurally generated cave systems built out of voxels. As Lesathrummages through these unknown environments, she will gather treasure, uncover lore, spot the local wildlife, and try to avoid environmental hazards. Assuming everyone escapes alive then any treasure can be used to upgrade the village of Radiant Ridge and make life a bit more bearable for the locals

It’s unusual to find a game like Miasma caves that encourages exploration without the impending threat of a zombie attack of skeletons shuffling out of the dungeon but that hasn’t put us off checking out this game. Miasma caves take that joy of exploration and wrap it in a charming 3D aesthetic where players can uncover over 150 different treasures to loot. If you’re in the mood for something deep without the need to bash enemy mobs then head over to the official Steam Store page when Miasma Caves leaves Early Access today. What’s even better, it won’t go up in price with this launch so you can continue to grab it at £15.49 or local equivalent.



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