Michael Chu leaves Blizzard after 20 years

Blizzard Entertainment - Michael Chu

Michael Chu has announced that he is leaving Blizzard Entertainment after over 20 years. He revealed his departure via his personal blog, though he does not indicate where he will land next.

“Now, as I head out through the Blizzard doors for the last time, I have new dreams: to continue to tell these stories and build worlds that unite people through games. To help create an inclusive world where more people will want to share stories that reflect their own experiences. I hope it’s something we can build together.” Chu wrote.

Chu has been instrumental in many of Blizzard’s legendary IPs including Diablo and World of Warcraft. However, his most indelible mark is in Overwatch where he was the lead writer. His focus, he says, has been on creating stories that have “the unique ability to bring people closer together, and that the empathy you feel from stepping into someone else’s shoes, even virtually, can bridge the gap between miles, cultures, and nations”. His work on Overwatch has inspired him to want to do even more outside the halls of Blizzard.

Read Chu’s full post, including his memories of his time with Blizzard, on his blog.

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