Micro Machines: World Series preps for launch with a retro trailer

June 30th is right around the corner, and Codemasters’ Micro Machines: World Series is gearing up for launch.  Check out the latest trailer, delivered perfectly in 1980s commercial stylings, and catch a glimpse of the many game modes, cars, tracks, and Nerf gun tie-ins. Yes, that Nerf.  The game will be on PS4 and XBOX One, and can be found on Amazon at the links below…

Mico Machines Game Features
  • Battle Mode – introduces all new Battle Arenas which allow you to wreak mass destruction on a miniature scale against your friends or AI
  • Competitive Multiplayer – supports up to 12 players online and 4 players on the same screen across a variety of racing and battling environments with unique weapons and abilities for each vehicle
  • Team Play – lets you work together using your vehicles’ unique skills in modes such as “Capture the Flag” and “King of the Hill”
  • Classic Racing – retains the manic social gameplay of the series, updated with stunning HD visuals showcased in the return of classic locations such as the garden, kitchen, workshop and many more

Available June 30th at Amazon.com:
PS4: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01…
XB1: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01…


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