Microids Announces a Full Line Up of Titles Coming to Switch Including Syberia Series

Microids Switch Lineup

Microids is taking on Nintendo Switch in a big way. It has announced a full line up of games coming including the Syberia series.

Microids to Remaster Flashback Remastered & more

Flashback Remastered – Switch – Q4 2017 – The year is 2142. After fleeing a space ship, the scientist Conrad B. Hart awakens, having lost his memory. His enemies and kidnappers are snapping at his heels and he has to find a way back to Earth to answer the simple question: Who am I?

Syberia 1 – Switch – Q3 2017 – In the first game of the series, players play as Kate Walker, a lawyer sent off to Europe to sell an aging factory. While there, she uncovers a mystery that sends her to far flung places across Eastern Europe.

Syberia 2 – Switch – Q4 2017 – You return as Kate Walker, this time to finish the sale of the factory. She decides to stay to help Hans and Oscar make their dreams come true but head off on a mysterious journey to a forgotten world.

Syberia 3 – Switch – Q1 2018 – Kate Walker wakes in a filthy hospital in the middle of Siberia. She finds herself traveling with a band of natives calle the Youkol and, once again, caught up in mystery. (Read our review)

Gear Club – Q4 2017 – Switch – Players experience the thrill of a fast car in this racing simulator. There are over 30 classic cars from 20 car makers as well as 400 races and 200 tracks. Players can customize their ride in a number of ways during the 30 hours of game play. There is also league play, events and an online mode.

Blacksad – Switch, PS4, XB1, PC/Mac – Q4 2018 – This is a 3D mystery game based on a graphic novel of the same name. The story is an all-new one featuring the black cat and detective John Blacksad. John and friend are poking around in the crooked boxing industry in 50s New York City.

Keep your eyes on the company’s site as the new games are profiled.

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