Microsoft Allegiance Available in Steam

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Originally online cosmic strategy Microsoft Allegiance was released in 2000. Through the years Free Allegiance and Allegiance zone kept updating the game and now, 17 years after the official release, the game has become available through Steam.

After 17 years, we are finally able to bring this game back to a major distribution channel, which is a very exciting time for our entire community.

It is best played with LOTS of people, but it will be a little rocky at the start as we try to attract players. If you want to help out, check back on weekends around 2pm ET / 8pm GMT and we will try to have a game running. Or, grab a few friends and start up your own game. Nothing attracts players like a running game.

More about Allegiance:

The game uses a unique Newtonian flight model which perfectly balances fun with flight. Spaceships turn, slide and boost. You have fluid control of your ship in a wide variety of combat types. Select an agile scout, a hidden stealth fighter, an in your face interceptor or an all-around fighter. Or, perhaps you would like to team up with a few friends and pilot a base killing bomber while your friends man the turrets. Get even bigger in a full line of capital ships with better firepower, and even more turrets, and a wide range of support ships all controlled by your teammates. Play it your way; even the sky is no limit.

It is also a fully formed RTS with tech trees, exploration, base building, and resource gathering. But there’s a twist: most of your ships are flown by real human beings! As the commander of your team, you bring your strategic vision to life by gives direction to the team from an overhead command view. Allegiance melds RTS elements like steering expansion by building new bases, investing in technology upgrades to a seamless command experience designed to help you lead your team to ultimate victory.

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