Microsoft Explains Minecraft 720p Resolution Limitation For Nintendo Switch

It's not about console power
Minecraft Nintendo Switch Microsoft
Microsoft Explains Why Minecraft Does Not Run At 1080p On Nintendo Switch

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition hit the eShop last week. According to review, however, the game only runs at 720p resolution. While absolutely justified for handheld mode, the same resolution is also used for the docked mode. The wide-spread opinion was that it comes down to the console’s power. However, Microsoft has reached out to Time and dismissed that claim. The company’s statement says:

Minecraft’s 720p docked / undocked resolution isn’t a question of system power, but stems from issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking / undocking.

You can check out a gameplay trailer for Nintendo Switch, including 2-player split-screen co-op, here.

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