Miitopia Launches on Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has announced that its fun-filled action-adventure game, Miitopia, has officially launched on Nintendo Switch. The game is available for $49.99 at most digital retailers. For those who prefer to try before buying, a demo version of the game is also available via the Nintendo eShop with all progress saved for those who choose to purchase the game.

The game offers players fantastic customization opportunities and even the ability to customize quests by creating Mii characters for friends and family. They can then be inserted into “a hilarious series of escapades. Watch your grandma do pushups. Watch your neighborhood friend hand out with your cousin at the beach. Your older brother can even come to life as the Dark Lord!”

Players will also gain access to additional customization options and features including:

  • wigs
  • makeup
  • personalities and jobs like Warrior, Chef, and Pop Star
  • combat options
  • quests to gain experience and level up
  • food items to boost stats

Check out the Miitopia official site to learn more about the game.

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